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Empire State Building Tickets

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Empire State Building Tickets

The ascension to the 86th floor observatory during an Empire State Building tour represents a cultural pilgrimage for millions of tourists, worldwide.  For some visitors, it’s an opportunity to relive a scene from one of their favorite movies.  And, for others, an Empire State Building trip allows for an up-close look at an important example of architectural history.  Regardless of why you decide to purchase an Empire State Building ticket, one thing is almost guaranteed:  The view of the New York skyline will leave you speechless.  Check out the modern Sustainability exhibit on the 2nd floor, discover the original documents, period photos, and architectural notes at the Dare to Dream exhibit.  Then, ride the elevator to the 86th floor and enjoy the spectacular views from the iconic, open-air observatory of the Empire State Building.  It’s what to do on an Empire State Building tour!